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Services of accounting expertise in Arad
Financial and Accounting Records

  • Financial and Accounting Records
    • Organisation of the accounts in accordance with the rules in force;
    • Keeping the accounts in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and all legal provisions;
    • Operating primary documents drawn up by the beneficiary;
    • Analytical and synthetic evidence, suppliers, client;
    • The evidence of fixed assets, Calculation of depreciation;
    • Drawing up the Purchase Journal and the Sales Journal;
    • Drawing up a trial balance and analytical balances;
    • Drawing up the Account Books that are provided by law: the Journal Ledger, the Inventory Book, the General Ledger;
    • The calculation of profit tax, or micro-enterprises income tax, as case may be, the drafting of statements within the legal deadlines;
    • The calculation of dividends tax , the drafting up of statements regarding the dividends tax;
    • Calculation of income tex for natural persons or legal entities;
    • Drawing up the VAT Statements;
    • Drawing up the Semestrial Reports;
    • Drawing up other situations and reports required by the legislation in force;
    • Drawing up payroll documents for the employees and the calculation of contribution generated by these operations;
    • Drawing up monthly declarations regarding the calculation of the following contributions:
      • Contributions to the State Social Insurance Budget
      • Contribution to health insurance
      • Contribution to unemployment fund
      • Contribution to the State Budget
      • Other contributions provided by law
    • Drawing up wage and Tax Statements;
    • Drawing up and submitting declarations regarding the payment obligations to the unemployment insurance in case that the customer is receiving subsidies for employees;
    • The elaboration and implementation of accounting procedures and of the chart of accounts adapted to the Company under and in compliance with the general rules;
    • Staff training on how to draw up the primary documents and their circulation within the company;
    • Staff training on how to use payment instruments (payments orders, promissory notes, cheques, and so on..) as well as how to draw them up;
    • Drawing up the treasury payment orders, transfers related to the State Budget, the State Social Insurance Budget, unemployment insurance fund, and so on;
    • The relationship with the bank (The submission and picking up of documents, picking up statements of account, cash deposits);
    • To provide the management with regular information on the economic and financial situation of the Company;
  • The Management shall be kept fully informed and in good time of the provisions on the regulations of tax and accounting;
  • Regular information on changes occurred in tax laws regarding the activity of the beneficiary.